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What’s under construction at Henderson and Lancaster? Hint: It’s not more apartments

August 18,2022

See full Fort Worth Star-Telegram article by Jenny Rudolph here.

If you’ve driven by the big construction site at Henderson Street and West Lancaster Avenue, across from the Masonic Temple, you may have wondered what’s being built on that block.

No, it isn’t more apartments. Nor is it yet another hotel in the downtown area.

And unfortunately, it’s not a Whataburger.

Construction crews are building a new QuikTrip gas station at 1117 Henderson St., according to property records. It will be one of the few gas station in the downtown area, and likely the largest convenience store in an area that’s rapidly growing with apartments.

It is not clear when construction will complete or when the station will open, though work has appeared to be progressing quickly with foundations already in place.

This will be the closest QuikTrip gas station to central Fort Worth. QuikTrip has nearly 20 other gas stations in Fort Worth including locations in the north side and the south side.

The new QuikTrip will be diagonally across from a Texaco Fort Worth gas station and the Holiday Inn Express & Suites.

QuikTrip operates more than 900 convenience stores and gas stations across 14 states in the Southwest, South and Midwest. It has nearly 230 locations in Texas, and the company operates with 24,000 employees. The privately held, $11 billion company has headquarters in Tulsa.


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