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Fort Worth's Iconic Red Bus Lanes Temporarily Fade for Texas A&M Campus Construction

June 3,2024

See full Hoodline article by Nate Simmons here.

Fort Worth's downtown district is gearing up for a makeover, but don't worry, the red bus lanes we've all grown accustomed to aren't going away for good. According to the City of Fort Worth, the city's first red bus lane, a beat of vibrant color that's been cutting through the grey urban landscape alongside Trinity Metro’s Fort Worth Central Station, is temporarily fading to make room for the new Texas A&M campus construction.

City officials have laid out plans for an interim band-aid of sorts, outlining the words “BUS” and “ONLY” in red paint until the revamp wraps up in 2026, with the switch slated for completion by the end of July. The red bus lane material had started to show wear and tear, prompting a response from the city's TPW contractor tasked with its upkeep. And despite the construction racket, City Hall is banking on the red splash reemerging as a boon for bus-bound commuters and a striking command for attention amidst the asphalt sea.

The stands out red arteries in the city's transportation system aren't just for show. They're a nod to functionality, signaling clear boundaries that slice through confusion, and prompt a more orderly flow of traffic. It's a visual cue that gives buses a leg up, allowing them to zip through the cityscape with less friction from confused drivers, and yet all other modes of transport still find their way in the remaining lanes.

What’s looming on the horizon for Fort Worth’s thoroughfares, beyond the interim red lettering? TPW Assistant Director Kelly Porter revealed the bigger picture, according to the City of Fort Worth, "As part of the federal Community Project Assistance allocation from U.S. Rep. Kay Granger, the City will be working on a redesign of the Jones and Calhoun corridors to better accommodate more pedestrian activity, access to transit and Amtrak and other transportation needs." This initiative is expected to reshape the downtown transit landscape, with an eagle eye on accessibility and mobility for Fort Worthians on the move.

Locations Mentioned: Fort Worth Central Station, Texas A&M Fort Worth