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How bad is crime in downtown Fort Worth? This map shows what we found.

May 13,2022

See full Fort Worth Star-Telegram article by James Hartley here.

Of the more than 940 crimes reported in downtown Fort Worth from Jan. 1, 2021, to May 8 of this year, 131 (about 14 percent) were violent crimes, according to data collected by the city and compiled into an interactive online crime map by the Star-Telegram.

Of those, there were 119 assaults of some kind. Police classified 63 of those as simple assaults, 16 as assault by threat, 20 as aggravated assault, one as assault of a child, and 19 as Class C assaults, which include unwanted contact even if that contact was not meant to be offensive or harmful.

The Star-Telegram also found one sexual assault reported on Dec. 23, 2021, at the Trinity Railway Express station on Jones Street, on the east end of downtown. In total, around 90 of the crimes reported, of all types, took place at or immediately around the Fort Worth Central Train Station.

Other violent crimes included seven reports of robbery of a person, two reports of kidnappings and one deadly conduct by shooting.

The deadly conduct by shooting was reported in the area of the Fort Worth Water Gardens and the Texas A&M University School of Law, around the intersections of Commerce Street and East 15th Street and Commerce and East 14th.

The most common crime reported in downtown Fort Worth over more than a year was theft, with 168 recorded by police during this time frame. Many of the thefts were reported at parking lots and in Sundance Square, possibly including shoplifting from storefronts in the area.

Criminal trespasses accounted for 130 of the crimes reported in the more than a year and a quarter period, and 104 crimes were criminal mischief reports, which typically refers to someone damaging or altering property that does not belong to them.

Burglary of a vehicle accounted for 71 of the crimes recorded, and 61 penal code violations were reported during this time period. Public intoxication made up 54 of the crimes, fraud 33, and 18 narcotics violations added to the the total number.

Police also recorded two commercial auto thefts in the area of the train station, 31 auto thefts across the downtown area and seven reports of indecent exposure, with three of those in the area of the water gardens and four on the northern end of downtown. Police also recorded 14 instances of driving while intoxicated in the downtown area.

Locations Mentioned: Fort Worth Water Gardens, Sundance Square Plaza, Texas A&M University School of Law