Love Your Downtown, Get Cool Prizes

We know distance makes the heart grow fonder – so let's show our Downtown businesses some love! Make a purchase from any participating Downtown Fort Worth business, and get a free Love Your Downtown t-shirt, tote, or mask while supplies last.
Photos by Rachel Delira/Style FW featuring Mike Micallef (President of Reata Restaurant), Gloria Starling (Managing Partner of The Capital Grille), and Nicole Fincher (Downtown Fort Worth, Inc.)

How it Works

  1. Make a purchase or buy a gift card of $15 or more at any participating Downtown Fort Worth business.
  2. Fill out the Online Form with your contact info and upload a photo of your receipt showing your qualifying purchase. 
  3. We’ll send you a cool piece of Love your Downtown merch within 30 days – free! 

How to earn 

Spend between $15 and $24.99: Get a free face mask 

Spend between $25 and $49.99: Get a free tote bag  

Spend $50 or more: Get a free t-shirt (first come, first served on sizing!) 

Where to buy 




Earn your merch! 

You deserve this. Fill out the form below to earn your free merch!

Thank you for supporting our Downtown businesses! 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Can I combine two (or more) receipts to reach $15, $25 or $50?

No. One purchase for $15-$24.99 gets you a face mask, one purchase of $25-$49.99 gets you a tote bag, and one purchase of at least $50 gets you a t-shirt.  

Are tips included in the spend threshold?

Yes. If possible, please take a photo of the Merchant Copy before you return the receipt, so we can be assured of the tip amount.

When will I receive my Merch?

You can expect delivery within 30 days of completing the online form.

My T-shirt doesn’t fit – can I exchange it?

No. We do not have the means to accept returns as this time. Once you get it, the item is yours to keep.

Can I pick up my Merch from the Downtown Fort Worth, Inc. office?

No. We are doing our best to practice physical distancing, and are only fulfilling mail orders at this time.

How many times can I redeem this?

Three times. You can submit one receipt for $15-$24.99, which gets you a face mask; one receipt of $25-$49.99, which gets you a tote bag; one receipt for at least $50, which gets you a t-shirt. Multiple members of the same household can qualify for each level ($15 mask, $25 tote, $50 shirt), but a single receipt can’t be shared.

I spent five cents less than the qualifying amount. Can I still get credit?

No. Only receipts meeting the specified spending ranges will qualify.

Does my purchase through DoorDash, Uber Eats, or another delivery app count?

Yes. A receipt showing a purchase through any delivery service qualifies as long as we can verify that the location ordered from is a participating Downtown business.

Can I submit a screen shot of my food delivery app receipt?

Yes. Please fill out the Online Form, and upload a photo or screenshot when prompted.

I lost my receipt — can I send a screen shot of my bank statement instead?

No. Without the unique transaction number and inability to verify the Downtown location/address, we will not be able to use a bank statement.

Can I submit a split check?

Yes. If submitting a separated check, the amount the submitter paid, not the total check amount, will be counted toward your qualifying level.

Does it need to be an itemized receipt?

No. But, the receipt must clearly show: 
  • The name of the business, address or store ID that verifies its Downtown location 
  • A unique order number, transaction code or approval number 
  • The date 
  • The total amount of the transaction 

Can I submit a split check?

Yes. If submitting a separated check, the amount the submitter paid, not the total check amount, will be counted toward your qualifying level.

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Photos by Rachel Delira/Style FW featuring:
  • Jon Bonnell (Owner and Executive Chef, Waters & Buffalo Bros in Sundance Square)
  • Nicole Fincher (Marketing & Special Projects Manager, Downtown Fort Worth, Inc.)
  • Christie Howard (Managing Director, Jubliee Theatre)
  • Mike Micallef (President, Reata Restaurant)
  • John Razo (Owner, Local Barber)
  • Gloria Starling (Managing Partner, The Capital Grille)