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General Information

Members Benefits

Board Membership

Members can play a decision and policy-shaping role through a seat on the DFWI Board of Directors. Board membership is accorded to each Sustaining Member, 12 corporate member delegates, nine general member delegates and three associate member delegates.

Leadership Opportunities

Members build working relationships with other DFWI members and Downtown supporters by being active leaders in the events, projects and committees that shape Downtown development.

Advocacy and Consensus Building

DFWI can provide project advocacy and issue consensus building assistance. Complex and potentially controversial issues are thoughtfully addressed and resolved within the DFWI committee system. (Understandably, advocacy for projects is limited to issues that are in the best interest of Downtown as a whole.)

Confidential Services

DFWI staff provides confidential consultation and feedback regarding Downtown issues.


DFWI staff will help members reach the appropriate person, agency or service provider to address Downtown needs.

Annual Membership Directory

Contact information for your fellow members of DFWI is provided.

Invitation to DFWI Membership Meetings

Invitation to membership meetings and the annual meeting which feature local and national speakers addressing vital Downtown issues. Sponsorship opportunities are available to DFWI members and supporters.

Downtown Research Publications

DFWI research initiatives, including the State of Downtown and Downtown Dashboard. Downtown-benefiting custom research requests are also accommodated if possible.

PID Publications

Members receive In View, the Downtown Public Improvement District newsletter, and DFWI e-newsletter.

Special Events Access

DFWI members receive invitations to special events and exclusive seating privileges at events like the GM Financial Parade of Lights and MAIN ST. Fort Worth Arts Festival.

Advance Invitations and Notice of Events

Advance invitations and notice of events, celebrations and other Downtown events when possible.